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About Seraphim Blueprint© teacher Lucy Finch

A Child’s Paradise

I grew up in Naples, Florida, as did my parents following my grandparents who vacationed here.  As a little girl I looked up at the sky and talked to God and asked for Paradise for the whole world, not just Naples.   I saw the beauty in the clouds and imagined wondrous things.   I knew love and joy, music and adventure, discipline and hard work, receiving and sharing, and especially family and friendship. My mother taught me and even required of all my friends that when asked to do something the immediate strong verbal response was always to say “I’d be happy to.”

Playing Outside

I didn’t have many toys though my parents had the money for them.   My parents wanted me to play outside, to touch the land, and find delight in nature.  I could get very dirty, playing in the dirt with cups and my mother’s kitchen spoons.   (I still can play in the dirt searching for gems getting very dirty.) I remember laughter, glee and delight.   I loved the beach while building sandcastles at the waters edge watching the coquinas and sand fleas burrow beneath my toes. I listened to the screech of sea gulls, the rolling of the surf and the dive splash of pelicans.

Nature’s Friends

During the winters months we lived on a lot of land on the Gordon River with no neighbors. My early childhood friends were my dad’s hunting dogs, my feral cat named imaginatively “Kitty,” the birds of a nearby egret landing spot and alligators. Alligators!! oh my, I watched them hoping the baby birds would fall in the water and become their dinner.  I laughed with the ladybugs and butterflies and those slimy worms with their wiggly personality.

My best friend was my mischievous though loving brother who enjoyed putting baby alligators in my bathtub. Scream! I was extremely happy and innocent even though I slept in the center of my bed. I could never let my feet drift off the edge for fear the alligators would come out from under my bed and bite me.

Beauty Beyond our Borders

North America and the Aurora Borealis

Mom, Dad, my brother and I traveled extensively during the hot Naples summers.  We drove throughout the United States and Canada, never knowing where we were going to sleep at night.  I saw and experienced a lot, driving weeks on end. I learned how not to be bored and how to be patient. 

In my early teens I spent summers at camp in northern Canada in the Algonquin Park. I lived on an island and took adventurous though exhausting canoe trips. We set our tents up each night and before bed could pick wild blueberries. We watched the dance of the loons during the setting and rising sun, and gazed at the magic of the Aurora Borealis. This heavenly light show was otherwise known as the northern lights. I felt safe while snuggled in our heavy cotton sleeping bags.  Stories of bigfoot sasquatch yeti sightings were nightly entertainment offered by our counselors.

Seeing the World

My family eventually traveled internationally on the less traveled paths yet still seeing major sites to nearly 100 countries. Seeing people of many nationalities, wealths, educations, religions and cultures was wonderfully inspirational.  They looked different, dressed different, ate odd foods, spoke languages I didn’t understand yet we communicated.  The eyes and hearts of others told the same stories, breathed the same desires, suffered the same sorrows and laughed with childlike innocence. 

Whether I was on the River Ganges in India, climbing Zermatt in Switzerland, NordKap in Norway or Kathmandu in Nepal, observing a Barong Dance in Indonesia, touring Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya or scuba diving in the Galapagos there was communication with people I did not know and could not understand in my native language.  I learned we are at the core of our essence desiring the same human evolution although having a different human experience.

Becoming Responsible

I had been a straight A student until I met Advanced Chemistry in high school. Maybe I wouldn’t go to MIT. In college I studied Sociology, Pre-law, International Studies. and Business Accounting. Transcendental Mediation, the Jesus movement and concerts were a part of my college experience. 

After college, I married, had three children, worked in Philanthropy, the Junior League, extensive community service, and carpooled a multitude of after school programs. In church I taught Bible Study and Intercessory Prayer. A busy social life was enjoyed including being on a tennis team. Wow, when I write that it reads like a lot. Well, relationships change and as my heart for service to others grew I could not maintain my marriage to one. 

The transition from married to single was complicated.  9/11 happened and added to my time spent in Meditation, logging in over 40,000 hours. Being a single mom can be full of questions. I learned Donna Eden Energy Healing, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion codes, and tapping with Dr. Mercola’s as EFT.  It is easy to see I was on a new path of discovery of expanded consciousness, energy healing and self-empowerment.

Life and work in Naples

Applying Life’s Truths

I moved back to Naples with my son and opened with two other friends an eclectic artsy jewelry, gift and crystal store named Altered Elements. (www.altered-elements.com) This store highlights the use of natural stones in jewelry made mostly in sterling silver.  More crystals and minerals wanted to be showcased so naturally crystals and metaphysical tools took over where gifts used to be.  Eventually it was only me, happily pursuing talking and listening to the rocks.  I became more conscious to the awakening of energy healing.  I became a Reiki Master teacher, and studied Esoteric Healing, Theta Healing, Emotion Codes, EFT and Reconnective Healing.  There was more training to be a Certified Crystal healer.  Further training included Psychic and Mediumship Development with Denise Lescano and Jill M. Jackson. 

I taught and still teach others how to talk and listen to rocks, what they mean, how they heal, how to read their own akashic records, and how to meditate. During a glorious trip to Mt. Shasta with Deborah Mills I bought Alchemical Crystal Bowls to use in guided meditation at Altered Elements Studio. These bowls embedded with gemstone are now accompanied by Tibetan Metal Bowls. I have had profound encounters with a non-physical society of Plasma Beings and the Telosians. And there are more….

Meeting the Seraph

One day in 2012 as I was preparing to do a Crystal Healing class at Unity Church I heard Seraphim Blueprint talked about by two others in a conversation near me.  I was on fire, what was going on?  Sandra McGill had just gotten a book for another. She could get me one in a week.  I couldn’t wait, by the time I got in my car it was ordered from Amazon-Rush.  It arrived the next day and within two hours it was read.  That weekend I took level one in a group and level two semi-private from Sandra McGill.  Within a year I had taken and retaken all the classes and was in a group class from Naples at Ruth Rendely’s home in N.C. to become a teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint system.   I love this system of healing and discovery of celestial reality. 

Next I became certified to teach Guardians of Gaia, then the Fusion course teaching certification came, followed by the Seraphic Tour of the Solar System and Seraphim Advanced Healing.  The last certification I received was to teach Co-Creation with Gaia.  As of 2018 there are only three teachers, in addition to Ruth Rendely the founder, in the United States certified to teach all these levels, Alex Brandin of San Francisco, CA, Brenda Calvin of Las Vegas, and myself. There are other teachers certified in Japan, Germany and Turkey among other international countries. My heart’s desire is that soon there will be many more teachers.  In 2018 I was also asked to become a member of the Board of Directors of the Seraphim Blueprint Non-for-profit organization.

Experiencing the Seraph

For me this Seraphim Blueprint system merges profoundly with my relationship with Jesus as my first personal spiritual teacher and beloved friend.  It was Jesus who during meditation introduced me to Buddha as his friend and other religious teachers allowing me to realize our Connected Universe.  My 40,000 hours of meditation enlarged my Christian belief system and it was Jesus who revealed to me the reality of reincarnation.   

I had a significant paradigm shift before I encountered Seraphim Blueprint.  Taking the classes excited me because I felt receiving the energies could be explained as having 10 years of psychiatric counseling leading you to the full potential of your Christ consciousness or full human potential. I didn’t want others to take as long as I had to expand their consciousness.  We don’t have time.  This is the fast track.

I find the energies grounding, protective, intelligent, safe, true, beautiful, healing, growing, and most important serving as a messenger of God for our highest and best good.  Though the notes of Seraphim Blueprint system itself do not refer to Christ and God or to any specific religion it seems that is the way it should be in order to promote universal unbounded love and celestial reality for all of humanity. 

We are not alone but we are individuals. Science, such as biology, and physics, is leading us to intellectually know the role of the Photon and electrical/magnetic energy, gravity, the Strong force and the Weak force expanding our understanding of how energy works. We can begin to understand that what we think and believe matters and affects all of us. We must learn to work to be participants in the change and find our group mission.

The Seraphim Blueprint System fulfills my dream of seeing paradise on earth. It goes beyond yet includes Christianity, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Tibetans etc. It gives us appreciation for the lion and the lamb, the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Arcturians, the fairies and the gnomes, the birds and the beasts, the Middle East and the Russians. It includes the republicans and the democrats, America and….. we all learn to live in peace, experiencing harmony and becoming Unbounded Love.

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