Who is Ruth Rendely?

Ruth Rendely is a feisty yet gentle and soft-spoken person who has always been a keen observer of the physical world. She grew up in an orthodox Jewish household but questioned God’s existence. She didn’t talk to fairies or have psychic experiences.  Resistant to meditation although practiced by every member of her family she found herself stressed out teaching while living in Honolulu. Maybe meditation could help.  When asked once again by her family to try it she found it did indeed help.  Being a serious student she put forth the same dedicated energy to study Transcendental Meditation. Ruth found to her surprise she was a really good student and teacher of Transcendental Meditation. She practiced TM while she studied for her doctoral Studies in History at University of Iowa. Her life was fascinating and individual in her intellectual pursuits. 

Yet in her forties Ruth like many of us questioned her path. Years of meditation and lots of knowledge didn’t prepare her for this journey of self-rediscovery. She called upon a Spirit Guide, Babaji, who she read about in Yogananda’s  Autobiography of a Yogi. Whoa! He answered and Babaji actually appeared and filled her body with warm loving light that dried her tears. Babaji influenced and helped her to developing psychic gifts. Really, psychic gifts.  She was changing. Quite quickly she was helping others with relationship problems and long standing deeply embedded fears. She helped people address their past life and soul issues subsequently freeing them to live a more meaningful life. 

This was the preparation to being blessed by meeting a Seraph. This loving Seraph asked her to partner with him in bringing out an ancient healing system that once had been used in Atlantean times. Seraphim Blueprint had disappeared for thousands of years. He transmitted these healing energies into her body, which healed her persistent arthritis. With this kind and persistent angel’s help, she began sharing these energies to more and more people. She was truly passionate about this teaching unlike her early years as a college professor.  It all has to do with the purpose. She was fully alive working with the spirit realms and with the practical application that helped every student she taught. She found that service to others does indeed give one real joy.

I have seen Ruth with a electric saw up on a ladder cutting limbs off of the overgrown Crepe Myrtles.  She loves to dig in the soil, pulling weeds and planting flowers, working for hours on end cultivating organic veggies and fruits.  Playing with her favorite pet rabbit she sometimes rests on the swing in her serene home. Ruth and her husband live in the lofty Blue Ridge Mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina where she administrates the world wide movement of the Seraphim Blueprint System. 

Further she and her husband provide healing retreats at Seraphim Hollow, a delightful cottage near her home. To see Ruth Rendely share her home watch this short video.

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