Experiencing Seraphim Blueprint by Mary Anna Coomes

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A customer recently that wrote an exceptional book called My Child is Psychic, available for purchase through her website... Had this to say about experiencing the Seraphim Blueprint healing modality, “During a visit to a local metaphysical store it had been suggested to me by the owner, Lucy, to take a Seraphim Blueprint class. I had never heard of Seraphim Blueprint but had learned to trust Lucy’s advice. Lucy was the owner of the store and a very gifted psychic. She had given me advice and guidance to help my daughter but on this occasion her advice included me.  I went home and began researching Seraphim Blueprint.  Deciding whether or not I believed these energies were real would wait until I had taken a class. Trust but verify.  I quickly signed up to take a class…”


It’s such a pleasure and an honor to share the experience of this beautiful healing modality first hand with both new and repeat students…. This system truly offers something for everyone and is easily digestible information that absolutely can help you in many different aspects. I greatly apreciate and thank Mary Anna for her closing, saying that, “If you would like more information on Seraphim Blueprint you can find it at the website Seraphimblueskynaples.com.  You can find information describing each level by clicking on “Level & Courses.”  If you have any questions regarding Seraphim Blueprint please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help point you in the right direction. We’re all in this together!” I am so thankful that Mary Anna was able to have this wonderful experience, and both Altered Elements, and Seraphim Blue Sky Naples appreciate her recommendation.

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