Seraphim Blueprint – The Book

Written by Ruth Rendely

Ruth Rendely took 13 years to write the book about the Power of Angel Healing that had become the dominant part of her life.  First, you get the tap from the Seraph to initiate this ancient and forgotten connection to our wonderful creator, this messenger of God.   Then you have to figure out what to do with the powerful information.  You test it, refine it, you research how to reveal its truth.  Does it heal? Does it free people? Why did it come?  What is the purpose of the message and what is my part?  And Is it good for all humanity?  Is it practical, and useful and meaningful on a daily basis?  How do I teach it?    Where do I teach it first?  In Australia, In Japan, In Turkey, In Germany?  When Do I bring it to the United States? Furthermore, Who does it get taught to?  How many are going to receive its message? How many levels?  Lastly, What initiations are permanent and which are activatable?  Initially it took more than two years for students to receive all the initiations?  Yet it was growing so fast. 

The Seraph, Atlantis and the Kabbalah

When asking the Seraph about the Atlantean origin of the system which became known as Seraphim Blueprint the Seraph said that the Atlanteans utilized the ideas associated with these energies as a cosmological foundation of their civilization.  Pg 69.   When these healing energies were first energetically observed an image of the tree of life came in.  “This image was from the ancient Jewish Kabbalah that doesn’t look like a real tree, but is a type of diagram in incorporating 10 interlocking centers. In addition, The energy waveforms resembled the Kabbalah sephirot, or the ‘fruits’ on the Tree of Life. It was not necessarily connected to the Kabbalah.

The image was interpreted to represent that God’s powerful energies must be transformed, or stepped-down into smaller portions that humans can handle. Although similar to the tree of life, these energies are unique and seen as waveforms.  The term “waveform” denotes that they can be seen as both energy and sacred geometric form.  It was understood that we can explain universal energies in terms of geometry (every energy has an underlying geometric structure which gives rise to it) or we can explain geometry in terms of energy (a geometric form acquires its powers and properties through holding energy in a certain way.” Page 76 in the book Seraphim Blueprint.

The Seraphim: Custodians of the Galaxy

In  2002 Ruth channeled the Seraph asking about the order of Angels called the Seraphim.  He answered, “We were created as a group of 8,000 about 700,000 years ago, specifically to be custodians of this galaxy.  Measured in your terms we are 25 feet tall without wings and look like clouds of light.  We have distinct personalities and distinct functions.  Although we appear immortal to humans, we can be extinguished through cosmic accidents and evil intent. We live in far-flung parts of the galaxy ministering to the needs of our flock. 

Our rewards come from working with other sentient beings that understand and partner with us when they can. I enjoy interacting with human beings, awakening them to Celestial reality. I enjoy interacting with other Angels and other nonphysical beings. We have joy which also comes from completed projects involving mutual understanding and respect among the participants. Effort is made to try to keep the galaxy running smoothly for the benefit of all. Here on earth, there are seven Seraphim working with the planet, three working with the oceans and four with the continents. We spend all our time tinkering and tweaking multi-dimensional reality so accidents don’t disrupt the delicate balance here. 

Preventing War

At this time we are concerned about preventing a major war this involves constantly neutralizing stress from the upper atmosphere through a cleansing process and involving solar energy.    ……    The future is open for all to succeed in whatever endeavors they have chosen. We are here to make those pursuits more easily fulfilled. The complexity of the planet is welcomed as a natural flowering of seeds planted long ago. It is not to be feared but accepted. In the next 50 years you’ll be dealing with civilizations more complex than yours and, and we are preparing you to meet them. And era of tranquility is coming.  Pg 105,106

Good for the Galaxy

Session 1, January 27, 2002

Can you please explain how the Seraphim energies originated? And was God directly involved in the creation process? 

The system was created by 13 Seraphim, 13,000 years ago. Galactic need created the energies for many beings throughout the galaxy. The timing of the creation was important for our galaxy, but not specifically for this planet. 18,000 different planets in the galaxy have used these energies. That means there’re 18,000 civilizations in the galaxy that are advanced enough to use the system. The total number of intelligent systems in the galaxy is about 40,000. I am saying that God already asked through the Seraphim, having previously delegated tasks to them within our galaxy.  Seraphim Blueprint Pg 96-97

Peace Comes

How do Seraphic energies affect me?

Excepts from six pages of an exquisitely beautiful message from the Seraph are as follows:

Pervasive peace is elusive in the universe because of the competition of all conscious life-forms to grow and thrive in a relatively limited field of time and space. These forms must all share as part of the third dimensional experience.

Earth is on the threshold of huge material and spiritual change that will allow most humans to experience celestial reality directly. People will start to use their five senses in an expanded way beyond the ordinary sensory perception they’ve been accustomed to. They will see beings on the “other side”; they will hear the elementals of nature talking to them. The trees, for instance, do have consciousness, rocks and stones hold earth’s memories, and rivers are aware. Human beings will smell celestial perfumes that will waft through the air from out of nowhere. The so-called ‘music of the spheres’ is real, and people will begin to hear celestial instruments that third dimensional instruments have tried to imitate for thousands of years. 

Helping Humanity

As individuals who want to protect their lives, you can behave as responsibly as possible as an example to those around you. You can also interact with various governmental bodies to help animals and the environment where you live.  Such activities mark the beginnings of a shift in consciousness. But a critical mass has to be reached in awareness or consciousness in order for changes to occur. This elevated consciousness in you will make a significant difference to help the earth, the forest, the trees, and the animals.  Large numbers of people need to be able to feel unbounded and to experience the natural world as a part of themselves. 

One person in an unbounded state can affect thousands, even millions. 

Dismantling the Wall

By giving out the Seraphim Blueprint, I am planting the seeds whose fruition will help to heal the rifts in human consciousness. These rifts have come about because of the careless treatment of the body. It is also because of historical events that have long-term karmic implications for all involved.  Embracing ultimate union is the goal, whose foretaste we can savor while the barriers holding the dimensions apart begin to crumble.

You who choose to participate in the Seraphim Blueprint program are doing your own individual part in dismantling the wall between earthly and celestial reality.  There will come a time when everyone will look where the wall used to be and wonder what artificial force created it. It will become natural to play in several dimensions at once.  That will be a time when we really hear the thoughts and wishes of Mother Earth. We will hear the celestial spheres as well as of the beings with whom we share this part of the galaxy.

Unbounded Love

Love is the key, the doorway to unboundedness.  This is a very deep love that needs to be known– that is, it needs to be experienced directly and it is much deeper than what is normally portrayed as love in the movies and the media.  This exalted love is like bathing in a pool of love.  This love leads to unboundedness, is unboundedness.  

I am blessing you personally as you read these words for I’ve been with you throughout this entire experience. Know that you are blessed. 

Pages 127 through 133.


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