What are Openers?

Openers are made of little egg-shaped natural stones. A variety of natural minerals are used and they also may vary somewhat in size. Ruth Rendely and a couple teachers intuitively pick and prepare the openers for each student individually.

The opener seems to act as a personal antenna that is optimized to pick up the most beneficial energy frequencies. It opens students to a direct link with the Seraphim Angel connecting them more fully to the Universe. This mineral egg has been energetically cleansed with a permanent program created specifically for the recipient. Once the student receives their opener they experience its connection to the Universe forever as desired.

It is often used during meditations, while taking the courses and receiving new initiations. Also it is beneficial in times of great stress or special grateful communication. It is suggested to hold it in one’s dominant hand while meditating with it for up to an hour a day. You will be guided as to how long to hold it for their optimal benefit. Ideally, the opener should be kept in the open and on a white surface such as a bleached sea shell, an onyx or selenite bowl, a Chalcedony geode or simple box. This ensures free access to the air and to the owner’s energies.

Since I do not want to lose my opener I do not recommend carrying them with you or keeping them in your pocket.  For me I leave mine at home and use it when meditating. I also always have it with me when I am teaching.  I don’t use my opener with clients.  I charge crystals with Seraphic energy and give these to my clients following the first session.

The openers are very personal, they are my conduit to strengthen my interaction with the Seraph to heal, be healed and learn.

My Opener in Onyx Bowl

Ruth Rendely provides more information on how she introduced to the openers and why she made them part of the Seraphim Blueprint in her book “Seraphim Blueprint – The Power of Angel Healing”. 


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