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Co-Creation with Gaia can be taken after completion of Guardians of Gaia and a wait period of 6 months.  It requires Seraphic Approval.

Once you have worked as a Guardian of Gaia and been drawn into a deeper communication with our Mother Earth you might feel a substantial pull, or yearning to do even more.  During this course you will receive the coordinates to plant 6 etheric crystals from all parts of the planet which you will mindfully grow with your regular attention to the crystals.  Approximately every month there is a date which was determined by the Seraph to clear the energetic geometric lines from our earth to the planets, the galaxies, the universe, the many dimensions of the cosmos and even ourselves.  Once the lines are flushed we send pulses of light, love and consciousness hourly with all the other Co-creators of Gaia positioned around the world.  It is the most blessed of a relationship in a collective way.

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    Great! You will be emailed information with the call-in number and PIN to access the teleconference and time & dates available upon signup inquiry and completion.
    Great! Our in-person courses are held at the Altered Elements Yahl Street studio You will be emailed information with the address, directions and time & dates available upon signup inquiry and completion.

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