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Once a student has completed all the levels for at least six months he or she becomes eligible to take the Fusion Course.  This is a fun and quite creative course.  You can take it yearly and it will be different every time.  The Seraphim Blueprint system has eleven core energies.  More courses have been added which deepen this core and to some degree also expands it.

It is normal to have favorite energies you like to work with, as well as varying needs during different times of your life.  We grow and change and need different tools for different work.  The Fusion course has two parts to it.  During the morning the students receive a deepening overlay of all eleven energies.  Then the fine tune their favorite energies.  This course allows you to pick your favorites, up to five attunements from different energies and “FUSE” them together to make a stronger tool with a specific purpose for you.

One uses this new fused or synthesized energy packet during a meditation of 15 minutes or longer to receive enhanced direction for your personal evolution. The fun part of the class is deciding what you what to name your new ball of energy.

All day-$180.00

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