Seraphim Healing  :  Life-Force Energy & Divine Harmonizer

This level helps us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. The first power of the system is for physical healing of oneself and others. The second power is also a healing power, but is emotionally based and called the Harmony Channel. Being initiated into these two energies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.

Life-Force Energy and so it begins:

In Ruth Rendely’s book, the Seraphim Blueprint, pg 72

Ruth relays the comments of the Seraph who describes these energies as intelligent, which work on your bodies automatically, healing various old problems.  She writes this first energy is considered a Life-Force energy. Her notes from the Seraph read as follows:

  • The opening of the Primary Life-Force Energy Channel, which mainly targets our chakras.
  • The opening of the Secondary Life-Force energy channel, which sends energy to all parts of our bodies.
  • A life force energy that enhances the functioning of our kidneys.
  • An initiation to create a Life-Force Energy Channel with people and objects such as food or crystals, to enliven them and give us much more prana.


The results of receiving the first energy is feeling more lively and with more mental clarity.


The seraph says this energy is safe and will permanently install itself in our bodies.  Its purpose is to heal us through increasing pranic uptake of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Prana is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘life-force energy,’ like the Chinese chiand the Japanese ki.

Crystal Healing

It is 1987 and Ruth is in Tokyo.  She learns of Crystal Healing through Stewart. Crystal Healing reminds her of Atlantis and she is skeptical but intrigued and curious. She discusses this in her book on page 48

Ruth learned about programming or activating crystals with a thought based on vibrations emanating from a photo. When activated, the Crystal could send 30 million signals of every known therapy if that is what the programmer wanted to do.  A Crystal was going to be programmed for her. She wasn’t so sure about all this.  That weekend she found herself strolling down the street in Ginza, the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo.  She was tired from the heat and weighed down by months of serious thought. The next second the whole area not only sparkled it also seems crystal clear — light in both senses of the word, and almost translucent, she felt melting in sweetness.  She learned that the moment that she felt this change in her system was the exact moment that the programmer put loving energy into the crystal for her.


Now, It is 1994, Ruth is in California, her guides are telling her she will be working with Atlantis. She hears about an Atlantean Crystal healing workshop.  Feeling excited and drawn, she goes.  Is this her destiny?  It is from this workshop, and an surprisingly short period of time with Stanley, that she begins her work to develop an Atlantean Angel Healing modality which will become the Seraphim Blueprint system. When she realized she was supposed to teach this Atlantis Angel Healing system to the world she understood the value, significance and power of programing crystals with Life-Force Energy and Harmonizing Energy from the Seraph.

Divine Harmonizer

Healing our emotions, the natural weather system of the human body, in all levels of consciousness throughout our being of physical/etheric, emotional/astral, mental, buddic, the Divine and the Universe.

It is not enough to think happy positive thoughts.  We cannot deny the purposeful existence of our emotions however they are expressing themselves.  What are they saying to us?  Our emotions, the sentient expression of the now of our thoughts, enable us to have vital, passionate and meaningful relationships.  This energy harmonizes our emotions so that we can be true to our purpose, seeing ourselves purely and attaining our soul’s destiny in a perfectly blissful way.

I love the video Tears of the Buddha about emotions found on  Available by subscription only.

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