Seraphim Grace and Union

Absorbing Beauty

Once we have cleared out the heavier dross that we have accumulated over lifetimes we begin to feel a real need to absorb beauty and our environment and feel closer to source.

Preparing to Receive

As the process of receiving the energies of the Seraphim Blueprint system comes to an end there is the recognition of Beauty, of Joy, of Peace which when felt brings tears to the eye and the heart wells up in Gratitude. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus, Thank you dear Seraph who has brought us into the arms and energetic holy being of our Creator. Who are you oh Creator, what do you look like?  We don’t know. But in the gift of wisdom and living we can experience love. How much can we give thanks and recognize the incredible honor it is to be incarnated into this human body? To be able to see, feel, taste, hear and touch beauty with both our physical and etheric bodies is the preparation for experiencing love unbounded.

Becoming One with Source, Creator, God

The final Joy.  A Divine Union.  We are united with our Creator, with Source, with God.  How ultimate in perfection is that?  We are free to know love in all its paradigms, through all the kingdoms on this planet and beyond the galaxies, into the universe, the multi-verse and to many dimensions..  What energy is there but God’s love? And we get the opportunity to feel its bliss, a pure and holy connection to ourselves and all that is.  We are one!  Perhaps this reality is fleeting, yet to be perfected. Nevertheless, with help from this Seraph, this messenger of God,  Jesus, our guides and loved ones we seek and know, we can come to know ourselves, to love ourselves, to forgive all, and to love with an unbounded perfection.

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