Divine Biosphere

by John Chandler

Divine BioSphere by John Chandler  In addition to the Seraph who brought Seraphim Blueprint this course was also influenced by the Divine Mother.  It is a course that offers unique protection to people who are particularly sensitive to malevolent energies or intentions.  Sometimes the work that we do can especially irritate dark energies, drawing their ire to us.  The Divine Biosphere creates a protective Living Sphere through the Love, Light and Power of the Seraph, the Divine Mother and connected benevolent forces.  There are glamours that are addressed to show/teach ourselves about which thoughts, needs and attitudes might be in the way of our evolving to our full purpose within God’s will and according to the Master’s Plan.  For information on John’s classes contact him by email at chanco ‘at’ visi ‘dot’ com or look at his website www.divinebiosphere.com

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