Sera Aqua Dynamics

by Alex Brandin

Alex Brandin received this course through meditation and research of Ancient Art, a lot of it within the frescos of Old Catholic Churches yet covering spirit from the natural power places of many religions.  There is a wonderful emphasis on Sacred geometry and pure water bringing us to the experience and understanding of our Rainbow body.  Going to every one of our cells and organs of our body there is a purifying of intention and purpose so that all the quantum parts of our body are vibrating  in alignment with our Rainbow Body.  We are inspiring the water in are body to be conscious and to be consciously working with us.  There are advanced concepts of consciousness discussed within this class, observing both the macrocosm and the microcosm.  For information on taking this class contact Alex by email at alex ‘at’ inspiredalternatives ‘dot’ com or alex ‘at’ oitatio ‘dot’ com or view his website at

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